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Information about the Passover Seder

Get detailed information about the Passover Seder –  Passover Seder is popular as a ritual feast that marks the start of the vacation of Passover feast. It’s conducted on the evening of the fifteenth day of Nissan within the Jewish calendar throughout the planet. This corresponds to late March or April within the solar calendar. Passover feast lasts for seven days in Israel and eight days outside of Israel. With the Jews outside of Israel aside from Reform Jews holding 2 Seders (on the evening of the fifteenth and sixteenth of Nisan) and Jews in Israel and Reform Jews worldwide holding one Seder (on the fifteenth of Nisan). The Seder may be a ritual performed by a community or by the multiple generations of a family, involving a retelling of the story of the liberation from slavery in Egypt. This story is in the Book of Exodus (Shemot) and also within the Hebrew Bible. The Seder itself is predicated on the Biblical verse commanding Jews to retell the story of The Exodus from Egypt: "You shall tell your kid thereon day, saying, 'It is thanks to what the LORD did on behalf of me once I came out of Egypt. “ Historically, families and friends take in the evening to scan the text of the Haggada, an ancient work derived from the Mishna.

Passover Seder

Happy Passover Seder
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“Singing the Haggadah
Enjoying the matzos
Dining with dear ones
Extra-special fun at the Afikoman hunt
Round of four questions
May your Seder overflow with
all the joys of Pesach!!
Happy Passover!”

Passover 2017 Seder
Passover 2017 Seder Free for all

“I don’t want to pass
over the chance to say…
Having a friend as fun and special
as U fills my heart with matzo happiness!!
Happy Passover!”

Passover Seder
Grab Passover Seder

With smiles
across the miles to say…
I’m thinking of you!
Happy Passover!”

Happy Passover images 2017

Happy Passover images 2017
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“Passover is a time of reflection and joy.
When we emerge from our cocoon
Of doubt to fly freely
On the wings of faith”

Passover HD images 2017
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“The Seder table is set…
And I’m here to wish your Passover is
Filled with happiness, togetherness and smiles!
Happy Passover!”

Passover images 2017
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“May God bless you
With peace, joy and prosperity
On this Passover and throughout your life.”

Top 3 Images For passover 2017

HD Images For passover 2017
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“On this blessed day,
I wish you all the
happiness in the World…
Happy Passover!”

Images For Happy passover 2017
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“Wishing all the joys
Of the Passover holiday!
To you
And those you hold dear!”

Images For passover 2017
Images For passover 2017 Download Now

“Remembering with you the rich tradition of Pesach
And wishing you warmth and togetherness,
prosperity and happiness always… Happy Passover!”

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