Valentine Day Week List

Happy Valentines Day Week List 2018 – Timetable of Valentine’s & Anti Valentine’s Week

Now, with the season of Love, cherish the moments with all your hearts. This Valentine’s give the special person the precious gift of Love by express your feeling for the person whom you kept in the core of your heart. This season is also recognized by the Lovers, couples, partners and the husbands and wives as Valentine’s week. This week starts with Rose Day and then continues with Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, and kiss Day.  So, impress your lovers by gifting her roses, feeding your sweetie chocolates, touch her or him with the warmth of Kiss, Hug and Promised to be together always. You can find Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 Week list below to celebrate this wonderful week. Check this……

Saint Valentine's Day
Saint Valentine’s Day Image

Saint Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is also famous among the people as the Saint Valentine’s Day.  This day is an annual holiday that is celebrated on 14th of February every year. On this special Valentine’s Day, people specially Love-Birds exchange gifts, cards, candy, or flowers with their special one. This name of the romantic day is coined on the name of the Christian martyr.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 Week List

Valentine Day 2018 Week List
Valentine Day 2018 Week List
Valentine Week List 2017
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1st Day of the Valentine Week Rose Day Wednesday 7th of February 2018
Second Day of Valentine Propose Day Thursday 8th of February 2018
Third Day of Valentine Chocolate Day Friday 9th of February 2018
Fourth Day of Valentine Teddy Day Saturday 10th of February 2018
Fifth Day of Valentine Promise Day Sunday 11th of February 2018
Sixth Day of Valentine Hug Day Monday 12th of February 2018
Seventh Day of Valentine Kiss Day  Tuesday 13th of February 2018
Saint Valentine’s Day  Wednesday 14th of February 2018

 Anti-Valentine’s Week 2018

Once the Valentine’s Day is celebrated, it is now time for the Anti-valentine Week 2018. This week carries all the side-effects of romance nothing else.

The week began with the 9th day that is Slap Day. After this, the week contain several other days like Kick Day, Perfume Day, Confession Day, Missing Day and Break-up Day. This week of Anti- Valentine comes for the heartbroken who are depressed and sad to make them little bit satisfying.

As per the history, celebration of Anti-Valentine’s Day starts with Slap Day on 15th February and ended up on 21st February with Break-up day.

If you are suffering from your relation or getting cheated, then, these days can be useful for those who are intending to end up their relationships. This week is not intended to make your life miserable and remembering all the losses of Love. It just made for those who are wanted to be freed from the suffering of No Love.

Anti Valentine Day Week List 2018
Anti Valentine Day Week List 2018
Ninth Day of Valentine Slap Day Wednesday 15th February 2018
Tenth Day of Valentine Kick Day Thursday 16th February 2018
Eleventh Day of Valentine Perfume Day Friday 17th February 2018
Twelfth Day of Valentine Flirting Day Saturday 18th February 2018
Thirteenth Day of Valentine Confession Day Sunday 19th February 2018
Fourteenth Day of Valentine Missing Day Monday 20th February 2018
Fifteenth Day of Valentine Break Up Day Tuesday 21th February 2018
Anti Valentine's Day
Anti Valentine’s Week Dates

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