when is valentine's day

What is Valentine’s Day and When to celebrate?

What is Valentine’s Day – Valentine’s Day is the day when you can freely express your deep emotion for the one you love. We know it is difficult to say everything. Sometimes words are not enough to express everything and sometimes your fear do not let your words to express everything. Yes, it is difficult to say ‘I love you’ when these three words are unwrapping all your emotions and all your passions for the person you love. But Valentine’s Day is the day which gives a strength to say everything to the person you consider your life. It is the day of love, it is the day of the lover.So, just check out when is Valentine ’s Day and what actually is Valentine’s Day.

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What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is actually a Feast of Saint Valentine. It is also known as St. Valentine’s Day. St. Valentine gradually got associated with the symbol of love and romance while this Pagan festival was celebrated every mid of February. Generally, people observe the Valentine’s Day by exchanging greeting cards, flowers and messages with people they admire and love. But gradually this Day got immense popularity all over the world and with the advance technology, the way of expressing love has enlarged its horizon. People now celebrate this day as a festival of love and it has become universal festival now. This is recognized as the sacred day for lovers.

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When is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day occurs in the best season of the year when you neither freezes with cold nor get tired of sudated summer. The air of springs is so soothing that you yourself will feel romantic in this season. The Valentine’s Day falls on 14th of February every year and this is remembered by all the lovers in the world. This time the Valentine’s Day will fall on February 2018. There is really something special in the day, even if you are not in love you will find your mood becoming little romantic this day.

when is valentine's day
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